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We have now had well over a 2000 cars on our rolling road, from 120bhp 700cc Smart to a Ferrari F50

The Rolling Road is located at our diagnostic centre

Unit 22
Redburn Industrial Estate
Woodall Road

Our Dyno is a new American Land & Seaís DYNOmite Chassis Dynamometer System which combines the latest sophisticated data acquisition electronics with DYNO-MAX 2000ô This Dyno is a 2 wheel drive system that can accommodate 4 wheel drive vehicles with a selectable transmission system including Nissain Skyline GTR

The Dyno can measure accurately to (+ /- 1hp) to 650BHP at the wheels It also includes a weather station for repeatable simulations. (test today and next month and engine results will not be affected by weather conditions)

5 gas exhaust analiser
Turbo boost preasure
Electronic rpm sensing
Wide band lambda sensors = fuel/air ratio

Red Dot can offer the independent tuner Dyno time.

For the enthusiast come and see what power your car is actually producing
(before and after any tuning work. Donít get ripped off)

Link to the Ferrari F50 Run.


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