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Red Dot name leader in the fast road market, with over 30 years of experience Red Dot can offer a top quality product together with an impeccable service.

Our intensive research in to the interaction between brake pads and discs has enabled Red Dot to optimise braking performance by providing pads and discs that are fully compatible.

A wide range of discs are available, manufactured from the best graphite cast iron to Red Dot's exacting quality standard,(higher grade of alloy than normally associated with brake disc production), ensuring the minimum rate of wear, 100% mating surface and refined braking performance.

Red Dot produce a range of high performance discs ranging from 6 to 40 grooves, lightweight cross drilled and plain faced group "N" discs. The main advantage are improved brake fade characteristics, in improved de-glazing and higher working temperatures.

The Red Dot Racing XF pad range represent the absolute state of the art for single seater , production and touring saloons and rally cars. It is a Kevlar asbestos free material with a coefficient of friction of 0.39 stable over a wide range of temperatures, working from cold up to 950C.

For the enthusiast on-road driver, we have developed the XE Fast Road range of high performance pads optimised for road use in "hot hatches", GTI, etc.

Designed to give drivers a significant extra margin of safety, these pads have been extensively tested by top racing drivers and various European magazines who testify that they give racing-level brake performance. Thanks to the Kevlar based asbestos free low metallic content friction material these pads work constantly well from cold up to 950C. Wear rates are similar to those of standard road going material with the advantage of low brake dust on alloy wheels.


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